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Sticky Flock Rhinestone Designs can be found at - Rhinestone Designs

Rhinestone File Downloads come in SVG, PDF, EPS and PLT Formats. Bling Art USA can cut and ship the Stencils / Templates for you as well:

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Sticky Flock is Rhinestone Template Material and can be bought through these distributors:

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You can also purchase Sticky Flock from various dealers.

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Rhinestone Design Downloads for Sticky Flock:

Sticky Flock is used for the purpose of making rhinestone templates. Downward force varies from machine to machine and ranges from 140 grams to 210 grams of downward force. The flock surface allows for a smooth, easy pull of the hot fix tape which will save you a tremendous amount of time in creating transfers!

Once a template is cut, simply stick the template on top of your work station. Make as many transfers as you wish and then remove the template from your workstation and store for future use. Using a workstation saves you from having to buy backer board or other materials. (see videos below)

Since Sticky Flock can stick to Sticky Flock without permanently adhering, you can mix and match multiple templates at the same time to create unique transfers. You can change the position of the templates on the workstation without having to cut a new template for every little change in the design. Feel free to call or email with any questions!

Sticky Flock Rhinestone Template Material Sample Wholesale
Sticky Flock Samples
5" x 12" Sheets:$2.98